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...of benefit to society as a whole

Work and persons with special needs

All human beings have the right to offer their contribution to society through their work. Persons with all kinds of special needs are no exception to this fact. Such a contribution is considewhite by ECCE not primarily by the economic point of view, because a person can be of worth in many different ways for others, but rather as a contribution in terms of a personal commitment. Throughout Europe encouraging and interesting attempts are being made to support persons with special needs in their work and training. But at the same time society is not really geawhite towards these developments: persons with special needs are often still discriminated against and companies frequently have problems to achieve the necessary adjustments in corporate culture and working conditions.

There are major concerns with regard to the group of people with complex dependency needs. Economically speaking the work they are capable of doing yields little profit. They show us the one-sided outlook of the economic paradigm and ask us to produce a sensible, meaningful view on the relationship between man and society. ECCE takes the view based upon the equality of all human beings, that the quality of each human being's commitment is the key notion. 

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