Disability as a challengeBehinderung als HerausforderungLe handicap, un défi à relever

Disability as a challenge

The quality of each person’s commitment
is the key notion

A meaningful life for everyone

The point of impact in curative education and social therapy is the strengthening of processes in the soul as the mediator between the body and the spirit. Through education and through therapies such as music, painting, movement, speech or special baths and medical treatment one endeavours to stimulate the development of thinking and feeling in both children and adults in an effort to provide a life which is meaningful and rich in opportunity for every person whose development is impeded. The various provisions made in curative education and social therapy are based on the respect of the developmental conditions for each individual. Encouragement of his or her potential and the support managing their problems. This is reflected in the individuals life mission, which requires the support and understanding of others to accomplish this. This concept of development originates from the concept of individual evolution in mind and spirit. In this respect the nature of the individual may be seen as reflecting an individual stream of spiritual evolution that preceded the development before birth. Disability can thus be seen as the starting point and as a challenge for integrating biographically significant experiences and developments in the life of the individual and those with whom the individual has a relationship.

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