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Appeal to our members to send in copy

In order to make our ECCE Link more vivid and actualized, the editors of our ECCE Link would be very pleased if our members send in news items or memorable issues to inform the other members.  It is our intention to develop the Link to an information platform for what is going on in ECCE member organisations.

We also would like to get information about events and conferences which would be of interest for our members and other Link readers.

Please send your copy before June 15th to

Adrienne Thier
Bernard Heldt
Roelien Kort



Preview at the General Meeting May 6th – 9th 2010

We are looking forward to meet one another in Casa Rozei, Urlati, Romania. John and Roxana Byrde did a marvellous job to arrange all organisational preparations, The bread for our meals is already in preparationbesides their own workload! We enjoy to visit this real East European, Social Therapeutic Community.

Symposium Communication out of compassion (Saturday May 8th)
The Committee decided to pay more attention to content themes. This General Meeting a symposium of a whole day is organised, in which different points of view from a broad spectrum will be brought, together with artistic exercises.
The theme that has been chosen is: Communication out of compassion.
This theme is chosen because communication is a very important issue in the interrelationship with persons with a learning disability.

Communication has a content aspect and a relational aspect. In general we react on the relational aspect as well as on the content of communication. But we mostly don’t have so much consciousness of the relational aspects of our communication.
Persons with a learning disability don’t often have possibilities to react properly on the content of communication; they react directly on the relational aspect. They immediately feel when they are belittled, rejected, patronized or treated in an Preparing GM symposium Brusselsunauthentic way or without respect. In many cases the other is not always aware of his or her treatment to that person. Often persons with a learning disability are not able to govern their impulses on it.
In this symposium we will bring ideas, experiences and exercises with communication out of compassion; communication through which commitment, sympathy, empathy and respect are transferred.

The Committee is preparing the symposium
during her meeting in Brussels April 10th.

Annual report 2009

Annual report
In the financial report 2009, for the first time in the history of ECCE, an editorial annual report is taken up.
We hope to give you more insight in a transparent way, of ECCE activities.



Committee activities

In February this year the Committee visited I Girasole, a nice day centre in Trieste CM Trieste(IT) run by enthusiastic people. Because I Girasole is situated close to the border with Slovenia, we were able to meet Mr. Joze Primozic from Soncek– Cerebral Palsy Association of Slovenia. As you can see in the pictures Trieste CM this led to an interesting and concerned discussion.
Soncek has applied for observership and we hope to welcome their representative in Romania.

In Brussels, April 10th, the Committee decided to start a project to reflect on the policy to our members and our position in the European area. September next the Committee will have two days of reflection on these topics. Furthermore the important decision was taken to spend more time to content themes in the General Meeting. The mini-symposium of half a day has now developed to a symposium of one full day. And we are open to further suggestions in this direction.



East European Activities

ECCE was engaged in supporting the initiative “Zivimo zajedno - Living together” in the Serbian capital Belgrade. It exists as a day centre for people with disabilities and is for them free of charge, 12 hours every day accessible and situated in the centre of the city. Within 12 years more than 600 persons went through it. Activities at the Day Centre are for example: training in housekeeping, various art workshops, music, communication, English courses. Theatre plays are regularly studied and performed in public theatres. But also legal advice services for families and the persons themselves is available.
I visited that institution and am very impressed by their way to enable people with special needs. Some of them are specially trained and recognized as assistant-volunteers who help their colleagues who need more support. People with disability regularly receive a financial reward for their work in the Centre. Of course it is very small due to the whole economic situation but it means a lot to earn own salaries. Since one year I helped in fundraising a living place “School of life” where 28 young adults went through an annual program of independent living for their very first time. The next plan is to open a kindergarten for disabled children. Many public events are organized like the first congress for people with special needs in the Balkans in May 2009 with 150 participants from 10 different countries.
The major problems are the finances because of the economical and political situation in Serbia. Especially for families with a disabled child. If it cannot live at home anymore big psychiatric hospitals are the only solution.
Bernard Heldt supported “Zivimo zajedno” in a national fundraising programme. If it will succeed, this important and fruitful work will be continued in a region, where especially people with special needs are living under very bad conditions. I hope that they will get financial support to continue in fulfilling what is meant by the so often quoted UN Convention.

Another challenge will be the first Russian Congress for People with Disabilities which will be held in Moscow from September 19th - 22nd 2010. About 250 participants from all over Russia, White Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia will ‘living in the encounter’. All ECCE Members are warmly invited to send delegates to Moscow to join this extraordinary event which will happen for the very first time in Russia! Further information:

Thomas Kraus, Berlin



How is ECCE working?

The ECCE represents through umbrella organizations about 450 parent associations, professional organisations and training centres in 19 European countries.
ECCE is a Non Governmental Organisation (N.G.O.) and was in 1997 one of the founders of the European Disability Forum (EDF) of which it is a full member. It collaborates with other established organisations such as Inclusion Europe and EASPD (European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities) with the aim to make people with special needs visible in our society.
ECCE member-organisations provide a wide range of facilities, including education, work, residential care, support of families, home help, out-patient services and vocational training courses. Therapies, such as medical care and treatment, massages, movement therapy and several forms of art therapy are used.

ECCE is one of the initiators of the ELIANT project, European Alliance of Initiatives for Applied Anthroposophy. ELIANT is working to ensure in view of growing European integration, that legislative framework conditions are created to safeguard the various aspects of applied anthroposophy, including education, nutrition and agriculture, special needs (curative) education and social therapy, medicine and therapeutic disciplines. It insists very strongly on the need for policies and a European legislative framework which would offer people with disabilities a real diversity of choice when making decisions that affect the quality of their life and cultural diversity (see



ELIANT - still 75.000 signatures to go

The 26th of March ELIANT sympathisers celebrated the result of more than 1 million signatures worldwide in a splendid gala evening in the Goetheanum in Dornach (CH). 700 participants listened to first class musicians and to interesting statements and were treated to tasty dishes. Your president and secretary general (ECCE is a founder of ELIANT) were also party members and enjoyed the artistic and culinary evening.

Marvellous musicians:
the Guarneri Trio from Prague (CZ)

However in the European Union are still failing 75.000 signatures to be taken seriously by the European Commission.
The issue for which we want to ask special consideration involves our concern with the freedom of choice in a pluriform Europe. For anthroposophical spheres of activity this involves at this point the availability of anthroposophical medicines, the requirement to add artificial nutrients to food for babies and toddlers, the freedom for people with a handicap to choose their own living environment, and attention for education that is tailored to the child. ELIANT’s perspective is broader than only anthroposophical spheres of activity, but this is where the initiative originated.

We endeavour to have the required 1 million signatures collected before this ELIANT Galacoming summer. Our question is: will you help us achieve this goal? Would you be willing to invest energy in gathering these signatures in your country? This can be done by presenting this action in meetings and pointing out its importance, by putting out signature sheets, by sending e-mails to your contacts, etc.
All information can be found in several languages on, where you can also download signature sheets, etc. The brochure Civil commitment to Europe, will be available at our next General meeting in Romania.
With your co-operation we hope to reach our goal within the foreseeable future.



One individual
does not help,
but rather
those who unite
with many at the right time.

Dear friends of campaign ELIANT
We now need only 75,000 signatures more to reach one million
Please help us to collect these last, vital signatures!
By mid-June we want to submit the signatures to the EU Commission in Brussels.
The ELIANT petition campaign has almost successfully achieved its goal.

The best way to help us now, is:
• In the coming weeks please find further possible signatories in clubs, 
   associations, and at events; signature lists can be downloaded at
• Please consider which email lists and networks you know that have not yet been 
   asked for their signatures, and forward an email to them with a small personal
   note or comment.
• Publicize our new ELIANT campaign page on facebook - where you can find
   current information and pictures with a link to online signing.

We will be very pleased to help you with all practical questions. Please talk to us or send us an email, to:; or fax: 0049 7621 168 1863

With warm thanks and greetings,
on behalf of the ELIANT Alliance Core members,
Andreas Biesantz PhD, Jürgen Erdmenger LL.D., Nikolai Fuchs, Michaela Glöckler MD, Thomas Göing, Günther Schulz, Heike Sommer, Christof Wiechert, Bernard Heldt

Postfach 1180
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 Ein Einzelner
hilft nicht,
wer sich mit Vielen
zur rechten Stunde

Liebe Freunde der Aktion ELIANT
Jetzt fehlen noch 75 000 EU-Unterschriften bis zur Million
Bitte helfen Sie uns, diese wichtigsten, letzten Unterschriften zu sammeln!
Mitte Juni möchten wir die Unterschriften der EU-Kommission in Brüssel überreichen.
Die Unterschriften - Aktion ELIANT steht damit kurz vor ihrem erfolgreichen Abschluss.

So helfen sie uns am besten:
• Sie wenden sich in den kommenden Wochen an mögliche Unterzeichner in 
   Vereinen, in Verbänden, bei Veranstaltungen und laden sich zum Sammeln
   Unterschriftenlisten unter herunter.
• Sie überlegen, welche elektronischen Verteiler, Netzwerke Sie noch kennen, die
   noch nicht wegen Unterschriften angefragt wurden und leiten diese E-Mail mit
   einer kleinen persönlichen Befürwortung weiter.
• Sie weisen auf unsere neue Aktion ELIANT Seite auf Facebook hin - dort finden
   Sie aktuelle Informationen und Bilder mit Link zum Online-Unterschreiben.

Gerne sind wir in allen praktischen Fragen behilflich. Bitte sprechen Sie uns an oder senden Sie eine Email an oder Fax an: 0049 7621 168 1863.

Mit sehr herzlichem Dank und Gruß,
im Namen der Träger der Allianz ELIANT,

Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Biesantz, Dr. jur. Jürgen Erdmenger, Nikolai Fuchs, Dr. med. Michaela Glöckler, Thomas Göing, Günther Schulz, Heike Sommer, Christof Wiechert, Bernard Heldt

Postfach 1180
79501 Lörrach
Fax 0049 7621 168 1863


l´aide se perd,
mais jointe aux autres
à l´heure juste,
elle agit.

Cher(e)s ami(e)s,
Il ne nous manque plus que 75 000 signatures dans l’UE pour atteindre le million. Aidez-nous à rassembler ces dernières signatures qui sont si importantes!
Nous souhaitons remettre les signatures à la Commission à Bruxelles mi-juin. La campagne de recueil collecte de signatures de l'Action ELIANT est donc sur le point de s´achever avec succès.

Comment nous aider efficacement:
• En contactant durant les prochaines semaines des signataires potentiels au sein
   des organisations, des associations que vous connaissez, ou lors d’événements
   etc. Vous pouvez télécharger la liste de signatures sur
• En envoyant cet e-mail, accompagné d’une brève recommandation
   personnalisée, à des réseaux de contacts électroniques auxquels vous n’avez
   pas encore demandé de signer.
• En parlant de notre nouvelle page Aktion ELIANT sur Facebook. Vous pourrez y
   trouver les dernières informations ainsi que des images avec un lien vers notre 
   site de recueil de signatures en ligne.

Nous répondons très volontiers à toutes vos questions pratiques. Contactez-nous par courrier ou par  e-mail à ou encore par fax au 0049 7621 168 1863.

Au nom des porteurs de l’Alliance ELIANT, nous vous remercions chaleureusement.
Bien à vous,

Dr. Andreas Biesantz, Dr. Jürgen Erdmenger, Nikolai Fuchs, Dr. Michaela Glöckler, Thomas Göing, Günther Schulz, Heike Sommer, Christof Wiechert, Bernard Heldt

Postfach 1180
DE-79501 Lörrach
Fax 0049 7621 168 1863